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Happy Baby

Welcome to Healthy Families!


The Healthy Families Program is a free and voluntary program for first-time moms and dads age 25 years and under, beginning at pregnancy


Here are some of the ways we look forward to supporting you and your baby:


  • Help you as you prepare for your baby’s birth.

  • Focus on how your newborn is growing and developing and provide you with information and activities to help foster your baby’s growth.

  • As your baby gets older, look at ways to provide positive discipline, deal with temper tantrums and safety-proof your home.

  • Connect you with other young parents at our play groups and special events.


  • Our visits can take place in your home, at our office (we have a nice space with toys) or another place where you would be most comfortable.

We can continue our partnership right up until your child’s 3rd birthday!

We look forward to partnering with you in your journey as a new parent!

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Staff survival kit 619.JPG
Toddler Doing Yoga

Becky Krysiak, Program Director or

Annie Monti, Supervisor

(413) 445-4324

Meet our smiling and helpful staff:

Home Visitors Tujuna and Kathy, Supervisor Annie,

Home Visitor Liz and Program Director Becky 

Check out these pictures of one of the Healthy Families' visitor Kathy conducting a virtual visit with a family during COVID-19. 

Healthy Families Massachusetts is a statewide program of the Children's Trust.
Additional funding provided by the Department of Public Health and Berkshire United Way.

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