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Northern Berkshire Locations

Red Head Baby

Monument Square

Early Childhood & School Age

North Adams, MA

Call (413) 664-4657 

Infant through School Age classrooms

Happy Family

Family Child Care

Northern Berkshire Office

North County

Call (413) 664-3256

Infant through School Age care

Happy Kids Huddle

Magic Seasons

Before & After School Care

Adams, MA

Main Office (413) 664-4657 

School Age classrooms

(413) 743-2905

AirTable Fun

The Family Center

Families with Young Children

North Adams, MA

Call (413) 664-4821

Resources and activities

Family Love

Healthy Families

North County

Call (413) 445-4324

First time parents, under age 26, beginning at pregnancy.

Child in a Bear Costume

Childhood Lead 

Call (413) 664-3256

Works to prevent lead poisoning in children under the age of six.


Administrative Office

North Adams, MA

Call (413) 663-6593 

Human resources, accounting and management

Father and Son


North County

Call (413) 664-4821

Early Literacy/School Readiness

Father and Son

Parenting Partnership

North Adams, MA

Call (413) 664-4725

Support and resources for parents.

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